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What members are saying

  • “I am a first-time boat owner and the tips are really valuable to me”
    MogensOwner of a Dehler yacht
  • "Facebook does not always give great advices. Here, solutions are based on actual experiences"
    OleExperienced sailor and boat owner
  • "So cool. I have saved a lot of money and time by following some advises."
    SkipperProud owner of a Princess yacht

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About “Boat on a Budget”…



Made by boat owners

Focus is on member sharing of tips and tricks for affordable sailing.



Based on experience

All tips are based on actual experience by boat owners. All tips are documented with pictures and/or video.



Solid advices - easy to find

All tips are tagged and categorised and include descriptions/guides.

Boat on a Budget’s core features:

Share tips & tricks

To share makes people happy. In this club, we share our boat maintenance advices with peers interesting in repairing and optimising boats.


Get tips and tricks

We all know how irritating it is to be stuck with an annoying problem. Find answers to problems from other members having been in the same situation – and solved the problem!


No gossip

It is hard to find solutions to boating problems in social media, as there is so much gossip. In this club focus is on value-adding contributions between members

Purpose is to save money

We follow a structure for how to share learning via documentation and we make it easy to find solutions with categories and tags.


Global and local

All tips and tricks are based on English language with multilingual translation. As we are global, you may find tips and tricks in other locations where a problem has been solved in a really affordable way, shared to you.


Searchable solutions

All advices can easily be found via tags and categories. Moreover, all advices must include documentation for their effect, avoing being empty suggestions for how things might work.

Membership based

You never know when you will have a certain problem. Therefore our club is based on membership.


Ongoing updates

You get valuable information about price comparisons, featured Tips & Tricks and information from the course Savings Masterclass.


Get new value out of old items

Learn to get new life out of worn-out equipment or unused items by giving them new cool purposes.

Meet Members

In this club, we give and get boat maintenance advices.



Save with DIY

Save with DIY

Learn how to fix things in smart ways from peers who have been in the same situation as you.

Save on purchases

Save on purchases

Materials and equipment for boats are expensive. Get tips for where to buy at best prices. 

Use Tools

Use Tools

Learn money-saving mentality, how measure costs easily, how to do research and the 8 money-saving areas. 

Earn money

Earn money

Rent tools to fellow-boat owners, do boat rental, sell unused and up-cycled boat items.

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